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Hi there, my name is Len David Mormino.     

               Artistic Roles:      Author, Songwriter, Videographer, Artistic Project Coordinator,

                                            SCBWI and ASCAP Member, Director of Vission Enterprises LLC

               Education Roles: School Counselor, Academic & Career Planning Coordinator


My Creative Mission:  To Help You Dig For Gold


What's the "gold"?  It's having healthy relationships and a life path that are consistent with your true heart.  

I work to write books, music, and coordinate artistic projects that support and celebrate this. 


In every home, work, or creative setting that I've seen over the past 25 years, some of the most educational, entertaining,

and inspiring moments came from the use of media, literature, fine and performing arts to communicate important ideas.

They can play a powerful role in prompting people to have courageous conversations and take action.


In the Chicago area, I grew up in a fun-loving ethnic home (Italian, Russian, English, Jewish- Oy).  We had all of the music, noise, food, and chaos that one can handle.   In my journey, I've had the opportunity to study and work with human wellness, music and story writing, drama, and communications.  I made the move to a neighboring suburb of my wife’s hometown of Madison, Wisconsin in 2000.  Here we live, support and educate students and families in the public schools, and raise 3 wild and wonderful daughters.  (shamelessly displayed below)



Grateful for the opportunity to serve you, I and all who collaborate with Vission Enterprises are committed to creating arts and activities that help adults and youth connect, laugh, and dig for the "gold" in their lives and relationships, together.